Using SEO proxies to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns

Did you know that it is possible to use SEO proxies to surf the World Wide Web and make it appear than you are doing the same as if you are present in some other country? Such activities are crucial from the viewpoint of an SEO professional. They understand that the search engines will deliver customized results depending upon your country. If you wish to see what happens when someone in another country decides to initiate a search using a keyword, there are two options. The first option is to move to the other country (which is not possible practically) and the second alternative is to sign up for proxy services.

Search engines use sophisticated techniques to determine your IP address. After determining the same, it is easier for them to list the customized search results. Change the IP address shown to the search engines and you will begin to get customized results once again. Many software programs used by the SEO professionals will also be compatible with the elite private proxies. Get personalized search results without having to step out of your own house by subscribing to private proxies.  

The proxy servers will come with technologies that will replace your existing IP address with an IP address of their own. You will have the flexibility to choose the appropriate IP address as per your requirements. These IP addresses will also keep on changing on a monthly basis so that you will always have access to the fresh batch of IPs that will be crucial for SEO. It is interesting to note that most of the web browsers support proxy services. In other terms, for the conventional HTTP based proxies, you might never have to install any additional software. The technicalities of the social media proxies are also thought provoking.

Serious SEO professionals must take the measures to seek out the best and enterprise level private proxies for their business applications. Apart from being reliable, the proxy provider’s infrastructure should also be robust and they must have a team of dedicated customer support personnel. Many private proxy providers offer money back policies while signing up for their services.

heavy industries centered on oil and petro- chemical industries

  1. On the whole, Xinjiang is still at the stage of a developing dual economy, that is to say, it is still in the middle of the transition from the extremely unbalanced dual economy to an increasingly mature one. However, since the beginning of the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, with growing investment from the central finance in the development of strategic resources in Xinjiang, especially with the development of the three big oil fields and the petrochemical industry in Xinjiang, there have been new trends in the entire regional economic structure and industrial structure in particular. The regional economic structure has been optimi.zed and upgraded amidst constant readjustment efforts, the proportion of industry continues to grow on the existing basis, now exceeding 60%. The industrial structure is moving in the direction of heavy chemical industry-led development. The output value of heavy industries centered on oil and petro- chemical industries accounts for over 50% of the total industrial output value and keeps rising.

(2) Trends of Structural Changes in Major Industrial Sectors

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there have been major changes in the structure of major industrial sectors in Xinjiang. The top ten industrial sectors in terms of contribution to the total industrial output value of Xinjiang have been different in different historical periods as shown in the following:

By the end of the First Five-Year Plan period: textile (26.22%), food (18.32%), non- ferrous metals (9.19%), sewing (7.09%), oil(7.01%), forest (6.49%), machinery (5.94%), leather (5.25%), coal(2.88%) and building materials (2.17%).

By the end of the Three-Year National Economic Readjustment: textile (23.22%), oil (20.09%), food (18.44%), machinery (9.09%), building materials (4.59%), coal (4.44%), forest(3.34%), sewing (3.01%), ferrous metal (2.53%), and chemical(12.40%).

By 1980, the end of the Fifth Five-Year Plan period: oil(22.94%), aluminum (19.07%), machinery (13.15%), textile (12.38%), building materials (6.49%), coal (6.08%), chemical (3.47%), power(3.20%), sewing (2.20%) and ferrous metal (2.20%)四.

By 1990, the end of the Seventh Five-Year Plan period: textile(22.65%), oil (21.20%), food (16.02%), machinery (9.33%), chemical(5.64%), building materials (5.28%) , power (3.25%), ferrous metal(3.25%), coal (3.00%) and non-ferrous metals (2.41%).

By 1994: oil (30.55%), textile (22.34%), food (13.05%), machinery (6.14%), building materials (6.08%), ferrous metal (4.56%), chemical (3.96%), coal (3.16%), power (2.76%) Mal de altura, meseta del tibet and non- ferrous metals (2.06%).

By 2004: oil extraction industry (32.2%), oil processing industry (21.5%), iron and steel industry (7.2%), power and heat(6.1%), agricultural and sideline product processing industry (4.3%), textile industry (3.7%), chemical industry (3.4%), nonmetallic mineral product industry (3.4%), food production industry (2.4%) and plastic industry (1.9%).

By 2012: oil industry (47.31%), chemical industry (9.58%), power industry (8.79%), coal industry (4.83%), non-ferrous metal industry (3.56%), iron and steel industry (3.30%), equipment

manufacturing industry (1.94%), agricultural and sideline product processing industry (1.52%), textile industry (1.38%) and automotive industry (0.16%).

How Does SEM Fit Into A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing, with the elements of segmentation, targeting and positioning. The main difference is in the technology used to convey the message of the marketer. In offline marketing, commons types of marketing communications would be leaflets, flyers, brochures and business cards.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, involves communicating your messages via the the internet, websites, email and mobile phones. It can also include kiosk marketing and the utilization of other digital technologies. So what are the main components of a digital marketing plan? Naturally, you must clearly understand your target market.

You must know where your potential customers hang out online and what they are searching for on search engines. Search engines are a powerful means of reaching potential clients online, which is why search engine marketing ( SEM ) is so popular. Effective SEM includes both search engine optimization ( SEO ) and pay per click ( PPC ) marketing. Understanding the search behavior of your target market is the first stage of any successful SEO or PPC campaign – you must research the keywords, or search terms, that are relevant to your industry.

The keywords you choose to bid on for paid search advertising must have sufficient volume, acceptable competition levels and low bid prices. Often the most popular, obvious keyword phrases will not help you to drive profitable traffic to your website. Google has a tailor made advertising platform that allows for self managed PPC ads – google adwords.

Bing also has a similar system, but there is less traffic available via the bing adcenter platform. For search engine optimization, keywords with volume, commercial intent and manageable competition levels are also required, but a different approach to acquiring the traffic is needed.

Organic, or free, search engine positions are effectively ‘awarded’ by google and you can increase your chances of showing up on the first page of the search engine results pages for your favorite keywords by improving the search engine friendliness of your site and promoting it across the internet.

Often, the most effective digital marketing communications strategies incorporate both organic SEO and paid search advertising, or PPC.

For more information about digital marketing, contact xi8 media today.

Avoid others from snooping on your web browsing habits using proxies

When people hear about all the crimes that are happening over the World Wide Web, they will think about fortifying their PCs with the latest antivirus utilities or even firewalls. Little do they realize that even with all such arrangements in place, there are multiple methods to snoop on users – especially if the data is flowing through an unencrypted channel! When you buy elite proxies, you are in turn investing in a service that will offer copious amounts of anonymity. Most of us tend to spend a lot of time in front of our computers connected to the World Wide Web. In such a scenario, one must never underestimate the vantages of private proxies.

With the help of your IP address, anyone could begin to keep a tab over you. Now, the situation becomes slightly tricky when we keep on changing the IP address. This is one of the benefits of connecting and browsing the Internet through a proxy server. Selecting the most effective proxies, which will serve the purpose, is not that easy. Too many service providers have popped up during these times. Experiencing secure and faster web browsing with the help of proxies is only achievable when you are dealing with the right service providers.

Not everyone will be aware of the proper ways to apply these proxies while browsing the World Wide Web. Do not worry because most of the service providers offer comprehensive knowledge bases. 24 / 7 / 365 support is also available from dedicated teams who are waiting by to answer your queries. Relying too much on the default internet gateway of your PC can be too risky during these times. A private proxy will allow you to connect with any webpage of your choice in a safe and secure manner. Our intention is to keep all the crucial data away from those who would like to harvest it and perhaps even sell it for profits.

Always pay attention to the valuable user reviews posted about proxy services. You can in fact learn a great deal of things by paying attention to the experiences the others had faced while using private proxies.

Investing for the future by using responsive web designs

The adoption rate of smartphones and other devices that can connect to the World Wide Web is at its all-time high. Those who use such devices will also spend a lot of time browsing through different websites. The coding and the designing of the website should be in such a way that it works seamlessly in any smartphone / tablet / any device that can connect to the Internet and comes with a web browser pre-installed. This is the primary reasons why responsive website designing process is gaining some traction during these times. Business owners stand to benefit a lot by designing websites that will show up properly on multiple screen sizes.

Google, demands all the websites to have a responsive web design for mobile search.  There are certain peculiar characteristics of a website when it comes with a responsive design. The website will have the same and uniform look / feel irrespective of the device used to access it. When done properly, responsive website designing will offer optimal viewing experience to the viewers who are trying to access the portal. Do bear in mind that the search engines will also show an affinity towards websites optimized using such principles.

The process of developing a responsive website might appear to be slightly taunting for the first timers. It is necessary to take careful and calculated steps right from the planning phases in order to get the website designed accordingly. It is a matter of fact that responsive websites are generating millions of dollars in profits for many entrepreneurs! Please understand that responsive website design is the future. There is no denying this fact. We have to adapt to the emerging trends; else, the competition is going to win over us. The convenience factor that will appear when we talk about such design processes will make the users feel important.

As a general thumb rule, people will try to stay away from the websites that do not open properly on their mobile phones. Such websites will have dreadfully designed pages, complete with parts that you might never be able to access using your smartphone. Experts note that an entrepreneur must captivate the attention of the visitors within seven seconds. This initial period will determine whether people will stay and decide to look around or skip the website altogether to spend their valuable time browsing the website of your competitor.

Offer additional convenience to the people and they will begin to flock in your websites in large numbers. The global markets are becoming highly competitive during these times. Having a business website that offers only an inconvenience to the visitors is thus a strict no-no from the marketing point of view. Contrary to what your mind might tell, designing a responsive website is not at all difficult for the professionals. These experts will understand how the paradigm works and will utilize their knowledge for the greater benefit of the business owners. They will make use of a concept termed as ‘fluid grids’ which will allow the website to fit in all the different screen resolutions.

Done correctly, responsive website designing is an investment that will eventually pay out in the near / distant future. The devices that people use to browse the Internet might keep on changing every couple of years. However, it does not necessarily imply that the inherent foundation of your website should also change!

Enjoying Enhanced Levels Of Privacy And Security Online With Social Media Proxies

Regardless of your belief systems, proxies are playing a major role in helping online marketers to earn a residual income every month. They need not have to worry about the usual restrictions while dealing with proxies. For instance, by remaining anonymous, it is easy for them to create multiple user accounts in the popular social media websites. All over the internet, you are going to find many articles highlighting the benefits of coupling private proxies with tools like tweet adder. This can in turn prompt the struggling online marketers to search for the best proxies for twitter.

Do bear in mind that there are several methods with the help of which you can inflate the overall count of all those who are following you on twitter. However, most of them will produce only temporary results. For instance, you can buy packs of twitter followers. Eventually, the system will end up banning all those bought followers. The key to succeed in online advertising on Twitter is to find meaningful followers and follow them while hoping that they might allow follow you. One of the best ways to make people interested in you is to engage and interact with them.

If you are avoiding twitter because of all the spam related activities that take place over there, the time has come to change such mentalities. As it turns out, quite a lot of online marketers have benefitted from the traffic flow generated by twitter to their blogs / websites. Tools such as tweet adder will allow you to conduct market research work on twitter. Finding and engaging with experts in your niche of interest is also easy with this utility. Unbelievably, twitter is turning out to be a hub of interesting contents, which will allow you to learn and improve your knowledge quickly.

Private proxies are extremely helpful because they can provide high levels of anonymity. You can create multiple user accounts on twitter using social media proxies and manage all of them using tweet adder. Proxies will help you to enjoy that added level of privacy and security while spending your time online.

What you need to know about Social Media Marketing

The provider for Social Media Marketing you choose, should moreover go past vanity estimations like retweets or Preferences, for more moved estimations like leads made, estimation or site development suggested. Try to approach these destinations using the Savvy procedure, criticalness they should all be specific, quantifiable, possible, essential and time-bound.

A clear way for social media marketing service is to deal with start your web systems administration promoting course of action is by recording no under three person to person communication goals. Make a point to ask yourself what the target will look like when completed, and use that to choose how you will track it.

Direct a long range interpersonal communication audit

Going before making your interpersonal interaction showcasing plan, you need to review your current web organizing use and how it is working for you. This obliges understanding who is starting now uniting with you through informal communication, which internet organizing districts your target business division uses and how your interpersonal interaction region diverges from your opponents’.

Once you’ve coordinated your survey you should have a sensible photograph of every social record addressing your business, who runs or controls them, and what reason they serve. This ‘living stock’ should be cared for often, especially as you scale your business.

It should similarly be evident which records need to be updated and which need to be deleted completely. Reporting false records will help ensure that people chasing down you online are simply interfacing with the stamped records you supervise and your approval advising.

A key bit of your web systems administration publicizing course of action will be to make mission statements for each casual association profile. These one-sentence decrees will help you focus your thought on a specific target you have to satisfy using Facebook, Twitter or whatever other interpersonal association. They will control your exercises and help steer you back on track when these profiles get the chance to be less practical. They in like manner oblige you to comprehend that not every interpersonal association is valuable for the correct thing. Instagram may be marvelous for offering a dress brand, yet for improvement supplies Facebook may be an unrivaled medium. Take the time you need to center the inspiration driving each social profile you have. If you can’t understand its inspiration, you should in all likelihood eradicate that profile.


Getting The Best Tweet Adder Proxies For Your Business

Twitter is turning out to be an important marketing tool for many online advertisers. They have easy access to tools like tweet adder to manage the tweets and private proxies which will offer them complete anonymity at all the times. Having a winning marketing strategy to apply through twitter is just the initial step. You will have to make sure that there are properly maintained private proxies in place, in order to create multiple accounts on Twitter to get the campaign started. Look out for tweet adder proxies and other related services available from various online sources.

There are reasons that could explain why many online advertisers prefer tweet adder. For a start, they will get access to free lifetime updates. Engaging with the twitter users will also become easier with these tools. You must hear what people have to say about your products and services. Only then, the marketing campaign will turn out as a success. There are different types of proxies available for marketing in social media networks. The primary function of the proxies is to shield your original IP address from these websites. This will effectively help you to create multiple accounts with Twitter, without getting them banned within a couple of weeks.

By now, you might already have come across large numbers of free proxies all over the internet. The thing with free proxy services is the following – they are extremely unreliable for mission critical applications. In addition, these services will try to recycle a limited number of IP addresses among the users. Eventually, the system will catch up with you for creating umpteen numbers of Twitter accounts. In order to be on the safe side, it is better to stick with private proxies. Using exclusive proxies will help you to use several twitter accounts in a seamless fashion.

Private proxies also offer dedicated customer support services to their subscribers. In case you are finding it difficult to use tweet adder with the proxies, please get in touch with these experienced professionals, so that they can guide you through the entire process. Live chat facilities are also available for you to get instant support.

The Importance Of White Label Website Design And Development Services

By all probabilities, you may have heard a thing or two about white label websites. In fact, there are service providers who can actually help you to arrange one such website for your business. Merely thinking about expanding the existing business is more than ample to give nightmares to many entrepreneurs. With white label web design services, you might never have to worry about the expenses and the work required to offer more meaningful services to your existing clients. There is no need to invest in new staff members or even spend copious amounts for training them while such web design services are here to help you.

Most of us require website design and development done at an accelerated pace. After all, there are precise reasons that could explain why many marketing consultants / agencies like to avail the white label website design services.  Those who provide such services understand that it is hard to do everything on your own. Quality website design and development services will come with their share of benefits. For a start, as mentioned earlier, it can play an important part in allowing your business to grow to unprecedented heights. These services can also enable you to enhance the existing relationship with your clients as well!

Let us consider some of the benefits that your company can enjoy by opting for such website design services.  For a start, your company can begin to offer full spectrum services to the clients. Long gone are the days when business owners had to struggle when it came to selling their services – largely because of the limitations in the technical web development department. The lack of in-house resources can also lead to the shunting of the growth of your business. Opting for the services offered by freelancers in such instances will turn out to be a risky proposition as well.

If your business organization is currently struggling to guarantee and deliver quality work, perhaps it is time to start thinking about white label website design and development services. The lack of in-house pool of resources will lead to instances where your company will not be able to deliver the promises made to the clients. What is the nature of work done by white label white design and development services? For a start, these professionals will be working on behalf of your company. These agencies can offer you a development team who can work on the static design concepts coming from your end.

Custom website building and programming services are also available upon request from these experts. White labeling the website design and development while maintaining the role of the project admin – this is one of the marked benefits that everyone can enjoy.  The professionals working for such design and development companies will easily merge with the existing developers so that they can become staff members. Training the clients on the system functionality thus becomes a lot easier when there are experienced professionals working as full time staff members.

Consistent and quality website design and development services are hard to come by during these times. The primary objective of any company that offers white label solutions is to simplify the complicated tasks into simple routines – which will work out in a beneficial manner for you as well as your clients. Let us know more about your experiences after hiring one such white label development team.

Retail Product Packaging Done Right With The Help Of Designers

Small businesses will have to struggle a lot while trying to launch a new product into the existing market space. If you are in the same situation, start by focusing on the basics. For instance, does the product come with an attractive packaging? If not, it is probably time to get in touch with a design company.


Retail product packaging is an art and science carefully mastered by only a select few agencies in the country. Large corporations can hire entire teams of designers to such purposes. A small business owner can also pull off the same by dealing with the right design company!


Finding a design company that you can trust is not that easy. This company will play an integral role in increasing the popularity and brand awareness of your product. The old routines such as sticking a label on a product and placing it on the shelf are turning out to be ineffective during these times.


There are certain elements that could play an integral role in creating a strong brand identity. The underlying intention is to come up with a design for the product packaging that will help it to stand apart from the rest of the group.


With little market research, it is possible to understand that the present retail sector has been experiencing overcrowding of similar products. Just pop into the nearest store and you will literally come across the same kind of products coming from different manufacturers. When the competition is fierce, we will have to opt for superior design paradigms.


The first timers will not be aware of all the factors that will help the consumers to take the right buying decision. These consumers will have to choose your product over another one. Naturally, plenty of factors will occur in the background – finding a design company that will apply specialized solutions is your best bet while trying to launch a product.


People will have to take your product seriously; only then, they will show an inclination to buy it. They will have to get the feeling that you are well established in the business to have a polished brand image.


In-house teams of packaging designers spend a lot of time studying the current product packaging trends. Armed with professionally designed assets, it will not take much time for your product to get the limelight it deserves.


The designers will also take care of product photography that is necessary while coming up the packaging. One of their core objectives will be to eliminate all traces of confusion from the minds of the consumers. Any product should fit perfectly into the demographic region; only then, they can compete with the products coming from the competition.


Designers will focus on improving the visual appeal of the product packaging. The brand image for your product should be unique. The right audience will find the product as visually appealing too. Lastly, the buyers should get the feeling that they are about to invest in something that has value.


By all probabilities, the expert designers would pose a series of questions to you when they are working on the product packaging designs. These questions will help them to do market research to find out the aspects that should set your product apart from the competition.